28 Sep

Outrigger canoes have become popular attracting a great number of people interested in learning how to paddle an outrigger. Paddling an outrigger canoe is fun and is easier when it is windy.  Below is a list of things to keep in mind while learning how to paddle an outrigger canoe.

An outrigger canoe is different from canoe stabilizers. There is some learning to be done even if you have been a kayak paddler for the longest time. The best learning method is to learn from other paddlers with experience on this one. However, if you have never paddled again and had zero experience on paddling, consider hiring a qualified trainer to take you through the training sessions. Watch video clips that teach how to paddle an outrigger canoe, read various books available and take time to watch experts paddle. You will definitely find something new to learn and improve on. When paddling into the wave, always paddle to the direction of the wave and not parallel to the wave. Direct the canoe to the wind direction when carrying it.

While learning how to paddle, it is normal to flip from one side to another, do not panic, the sooner you recover the better for great stability.  It will actually be fun and enjoyable to flip. Always adjust the seat when necessary to acquire the best and comfortable position. To help with the best seat position, paddle after every seat adjustment until you get the right comfortable position for you. It is normal to be anxious while learning how to paddle. Whether learning on the left or right, ensure you maintain the balance. For a first time learner, ensure you have excellent swimming skills as sometimes the trainer or coach can require you observe from a distance, if learning as a group, in this case, you will be required to swim away and observe from a distance.

Always ensure you have with you a spare paddle especially when paddling alone. Carry with you enough water, a headgear to protect yourself, anything to protect to protect yourself from the sun especially along the beach and a change of clothing if need be like a light t-shirt or a sweatshirt and shorts. Rubber shoes or boots are the recommended kind of shoes for paddlers. Avoid carrying anything that you would not want to lose in the ocean like jewelry, glasses, camera, etc. After the canoeing practice, always stretch your legs especially after those long paddles.  Get more facts about kayak stabilizers here.


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